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So two posts in one day wow I'm impressed with myself lol!! So guess what I'm ordering next month!!! My Mooby 'funployee' shirt off of the interweb! YAY!!! I can't wait!! And I'm also gonna order the Mooby 'funployee' name tag! I think I'm gonna go as either Randal or Jay for Halloween....but one day me and my friend Laura are dressing up as Mooby employees and walk around the mall! Yeah I know we're dorks but so what!
I'm out....
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Are you going to write "Porch Monkey 4 Life" on your back with tape?

I was so totally going to go as Randal for Halloween, but my friend looks a lot like Kevin Smith so I might go as Jay. BUT I LOVE RANDAL.
hahahaha! Dude!!!! I should do that!!! Unfortunately....I live in a bad part of the neighborhood so I don't know if I should do that lol! But I probably will lol!!
See, if I'm Randal I'm going to do it because I'm going to a party instead of walking around in public. If I do, I think I'm going to play it safe and take off the shirt.

Or you can just tell anybody who gets angry that it's cool, you're just takin' it back.
Hahahaha Yeah I may be doing that either way....I don't know if my friend is throwing a party at her house but we usually decorate the front of her house and do stuff and the most we get are threatening teenagers...oooo scary lol!!! Believe me we have this one guy who's like frickin' 6 feet tall and will talk down and stand up for any of his if he comes around this time for Halloween he'll have my back lol!!! But yeah...sooo goin' as Randal for Halloween...honestly if you think about though I agree with Randal it really isn't a racial term lol!!! And by evolutionary thinking didn't we all supposedly start out as monkeys lol!! That's what I'll say I'm probably also gonna buy the Ranger Danger shirt and wear a baseball cap so I mean c'mon now...I'll probably walk around reading a magazine too as an ode to Clerks 1 and Clerks 2 Sweeeeet lol! I was gonna dress up as Jay but I decided not to lol!
Make sure the magazine is a really dirty porn!
I don't own any lol! But I'm sure my older brother has!!! That would look kinda odd since I'm a girl but watev lol!