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Hey I'm new...

Sup?! I just wanted to say hey and I'm new to the community. The name's Becca or I go by Beccerz...I LOOOOOOOOOOVE movies...I tend to get obsessed over them...and being obsessed tends to be an understatement. Out of all my friends I'm usually the one who people go to when they wanna know what movies are out or who's in what movies. If someone wants to know about an actor/actress I list off several different movies before they finally realize who they are. So yes I am a lil' obsessed over them lol! I sing, play piano and I love acting and doing stage productions of musicals! Out of my group of friends I'm the spaz/spontaneous/out-spoken/comic relief and I usually say what's on my mind...Oh and I also tend to drop the F-bomb depending on how pissed off I am lol!! My username is 'shortbutlethal' because I'm 5'1" but....I can be very intimidating even when someone is like 6 feet tall. So if I seem interesting that's cool if I don't oh well lol!! But I am a HUGE fan of Kevin Smith and I own, all of his movies cept for....Chasing Amy and Jersey Girl. At least I'm pretty sure those are the ones I don't have. So yeah that's me lol! Oh and out of all my friends and comparing myself to all of Kevin Smith's characters I'd probably say I'm a mix between Randall and Jay because I say what's on my mind and don't care what others think and fight on which movie I think is the best. And Jay just because I'm a spaz most of the time and will go off on a tangent lol!!

So aightyz that's it...
I'm out....

"So the Transformers are like a gift from God Randall!"
"No sir...they are NOT a gift from God."
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